Nurse Mindfulness Nurse With Open Hands, Hearts And MindsNurse Mindfulness

Nurse Mindfulness; Nurse With Open Hands, Hearts And Minds. Nursing practice is based on a biopsychosocial model of nursing care. Nurses interact with their clients from a biological, psychological and / or sociological perspective. The biological component of the model includes the use of our hands, the sociological component of the model includes our emotions, our heart spaces, and the psychological component of the model includes the use of our mind when delivering nursing care.

Open hands are prepared for some kind of action. We give to others with our hands opens. Conversely, we receive what others give us with our hands opened. Nurses’ hands are a vehicle to exchange energy with our clients.

Open hearts have increased capacity to understand the lived experience of another. Open hearts also show a willingness to experience something different, or something from a different perspective. When our heart chakra is opened we are aligned with our higher consciousness and our ability to care for another person is optimised.

Open minds seek new information, greater understandings and expand our awarenesses. This results in greater insights that can even produce previously unimagined outcomes. We are capable of solving any dilemma and to successfully answer any question when we are prepared to think beyond what we already know and are familiar with.
Hands, hearts and minds must always work in unison to achieve the results we aim for in our lives.

Nurse Mindfulness; Nurse With Open Hands, Hearts And Minds

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