3 Mistakes Coaches Make



How easy would be if each time you spoke with a budding client they said, “Yes want to move forward, when can we start! How do I pay?” The easier you make it for your clients to want to work with you, the quicker they invest into your program.

Here are the 3 Mistakes Coaches Make

1.    Charge Per Session

How much you will charge for your programs is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make.

If you are a new coach, consider your pricing strategy before you start. If you are running an established business, make sure to review your pricing structure regularly.

Realistically you are in business to create your ideal life be helping others reach theirs.

If you get your pricing strategy right from the start, it will help set up your success.

Your client needs to be prepared to make an investment, in money, time and effort, if they don’t have a vested interest in the process and outcome they won’t make the progress they are looking for.

Remember: The More You Put Into Something The More You Get Out Of It!

Charging per session actually gives your clients an out, they don’t have an investment. They may cancel, turn up late or not do the work generally lack commitment.  And charging per session is a scarcity mentality.

A client who is prepared to invest in a package is more likely to put in the effort required to get the outcome they WANT.

Building a profitable coaching business is about giving your clients results not billing every couple of hours.  Your clients pay for your results not your time.


2.    Thinking Your Clients Can’t Afford You

If YOU think they can’t afford you, then they won’t either. Perception is projection.

·         What are the benefits for them if they work with you?

·         What will happen in their life or business when they work with you and achieve the results they desire?

·         Remember they are motivated by; ‘What’s In It For Me?

3 points to consider:

1.    Are you attracting the right clients?

·         Do you want to sell to everyone? No, you want customers who have a clear and defined idea of what they want and are prepared to put the effort in to get their desired result.

·         It’s easy to get caught up trying to be all things to all people and liked by everyone. Just be yourself and the good ones will come…

2.    Am I sending the Right Message?

·         If you want to attract the best clients, you need to speak their language.

·         Use language that your clients can relate to; confidence, quality and service.

3.    Am I Selling the Right Product

·         Your clients are looking for outcomes, so focus on the outcome first so the client can see that it’ll be worth it.

·         I will give me the outcome you’re looking for!


3.    Thinking that you need to charge low first and build up.

The real reason is you don’t feel worthy or realise the value of your skills and experience. Remember others see it as very unique and special opportunity and something they’ll can use to their benefit.

Clients will pay what they perceive the value your product or promise to be. Be confident, keep it simple and to the points and focus on the outcomes and benefits they will achieve.

Your pricing strategy will impact on how your business is perceived. Think about the clients you want to attract wouldn’t you prefer to attract a smaller number of quality, results orientated clients rather than a group of people with a scarcity mentality.

The result of your coaching is that your client will make more money and have the life they want, and their investment with you will be repaid many times over.

Keep these 3 points in mind in your coaching business and reap the rewards.


©Moira Maraun The Mindset Nurse 2016


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