Nurses’ Manifesto


It is 195 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale and it is International Nurses’ Day.
I wish all nurses in our world today heartfelt felicitations. Today is the day we celebrate our profession and enjoy knowing we make a constant difference to people merely by showing up for our work.
Nurses, I wish you the same blessings today that you bring to those you nurse. Take care of yourself, and value your life as much as you value the life of others.
The Mindset Nurse

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The Philosophy of MindFit

MindFit’s philosophy is based on our belief that resourceful mindsets which result in productive behaviours, exist within all people.

The terms ‘horizontal violence’ and ‘bullying’ have been examined and discussed within the international Nursing workforce for many decades (Dumont et al, 2012).  Nurses, and indeed all Clinicians, have become increasingly vigilant to these phenomena because of the focus and attention of them in casual and formal discussions (Hutchinson et al, 2008), and from the varsity of these topics in current literature (Becher, 2012).  While this information is a snapshot of what has been viewed by some, it is not the entire landscape of the nursing workforce.

If the adage ‘what we focus on is what we attract into our own lives to the exclusion of everything else’ bears some truth for us all, then where we choose to place our vigilance will manifest those experiences in our personal and professional lives.

Would manifesting a more resourceful mindset be attractive and productive to Nurses in your organisation?

Would your Nurses value knowing how to establish mindsets that produce mutually satisfying outcomes with significant others in their personal and professional lives?

Can you see the vastly different results in your client outcomes and staff retention that could result from the resourceful mindsets in your organisation?

MindFit provides a variety of services to the Nursing and Health Care Workforce, all of which are embedded within this philosophy. All workshops are transformational.  Participants leave the workshop with confidence and certainty in their ability to apply lessons learned to their clinical practice immediately.

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