Introducing Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals to NLP

-The Magic of the Mind-

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Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence and communication.  It is comprised of knowledge and skills to develop a winning attitude, and provides us with directions and skills to accelerate us towards our dreams and living our best life.

NLP simplifies the way we process our thoughts internally.  It greatly influences our self-talk which are the words we think as we process our thoughts.  As we choose our thoughts we change our self-talk and this means we create greater choices and possibilities to manifest even greater realities in our life.

There are times when nurses and healthcare professionals experience high levels of stress and frustration.  This is because what they say just doesn’t seem to get through to the person they are talking to.  We’ve all experienced this!  Training in NLP gives us skills to change our self-talk, as well as our verbal and non-verbal language to others.  When we change the way we think, we change how we communicate, and this changes the results we experience.

Effective communication promotes the development of rapid rapport between people, and this enhances the outcomes of communication between them.  How good would it be to have opportunities to create mutually satisfying outcomes with our clients, our colleagues and our managers?!!

The term Neuro Linguistic Programming is derived from:

  • Neuro: Our nervous system, brain and mind, and how it reacts with the rest of our body.
  • Linguistic: The words and language we use, both verbal and non verbal.
  • Programming: The habits of thoughts, both conscious and sub-conscience, that leads to developed habits of behavior and emotions.

Register for: NLP - The Magic of the Mind Webinar

Alternatively email Moira Maraun., RN, CMHN, MHSc, Master Practitioner / Certified Trainer Neuro Linguistic Programming for obligation free enquiries.

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